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Feedback from kids and teenagers
"Everything at K-Net is in some way educational, including their mascot, MegaByte. MegaByte is made out of pure energy and lives inside computers, networks and stiffy and floppy disks. There is a sticker of MegaByte that comes in bits - "a byte is made up of bits" - get it?"
ęDisney's Kidzworld July 1995








So what were kids and teenagers learning at Knowledge Network in 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997...

Graphics, animation, video editing, spreadsheeting, research using Encarta and the Internet, school projects, writing, reading, Internet, Pascal, programming with Gerry, Java scripting, scanning, digital photo enhancing, drawing and painting with Ann and Crayola, hardware, VB, Java, morphing, art, drawing, preparing for conferences, presenting topics at conferences, working as a team in the mini business with Ann, phoning software companies for support, web site development, writing newsletters, 3D animation, having fun with computers, using computers as a tool for life and learning, communicating through email, playing network and Internet games, working with databases, completing projects for Software World, running the Computer Club, completing Club projects, designing new products, completing business task and applications, networking, chasing MegaByte, attending courses, and tons more...

K-Net (now Knowledge Network), the brainchild of Jil D Hrdliczka, was established in 1994 to provide learners with a way to have fun and learn how to make computers work for them. In this technology-driven age this is essential knowledge. The developing programmes and different levels of interaction means that kids and teenagers never run of our exciting things to learn.  Below are projects completed by some of the learners who were at Knowledge Network in 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997...

Canoe at night by Silas Howarth Death of a PC by Brett Manson Plane in a bubble by D Glatt
Dolphins by Greg Miller Fantasy by Jonathan Ginsberg Hiroshima by Michael Joffe
Maldives by Silas Howarth 3D name by Paul Clark Yellow sun by Jonathan Ginsberg
Space by Drew Scott-Dawkins Wild Africa by Paul Clark Knowledge by James Wilkinson
Artbook cover by Paul Clark Image overlays "The Singer" by Dylan Scott-Dawkins The Bubble
The avi files greater than 1MB listed below may take a while to load.
International Clock.htm International Clock 1.exe Space.exe
Animation - Shark (avi - 3.5 MB) Animation - Cone (avi 239KB) Animation - Fish (avi - 4 MB)
Comic (avi - 240KB) The Boxer (avi - 372KB) Using SINCOS.exe
International Clock 2.exe Spreadsheeting Cyberstore - Keegan Ziady Spreadsheeting Cyberstore - Shayne
The Bahamas by Paul Clark Bahamas presentation (without animation and transition effects)
Bahamas presentation (with animation and transition effects)
The Bahamas project by P Clark (Std 4 in 1996) was used for the Small Office Home Office (SOHO) show way back when. The spreaker at the show was Jenny Cryws-Williams of 702 who used the project during her talk.
The Cheetah by Kerri Stewart Chicken horse by Kristel Thiange The Tiger by Bradley Slabe
The Wolf by Darryl Slabe The Face by Daniella Wates The Face by Claire Wates
Desert Face by Nicolas Stylianou The Face by Patricia Whalley The Mask by Natalie Mat
Morph by Greg Miller The Face by Cindy Steenkamp World War II by Adrian Hamel
MS Home Wallpaper by Drew Scott-Dawkins 3D name by Paul Clark  



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