KN-3to5 Educational Software - learners between the ages of 3 and 5 years

for little learners with big ideas and great minds, KN-3to5 provides the variety needed to keep learners focused, challenged and enjoying what they are learning

develops creativity, lateral thinking, concentration, logic, problem-solving ability, coping skills and IT skills


 KN-3to5 includes:

  painting pictures
working with numbers
matching colours

matching shapes
picture puzzles
photo puzzles
letter, number and object recognition and association
introduction to selecting objects from categories and themes
introduction to software navigation methods


KN-3to5 software is fun for all learners and fun for educators to use in multi-cultural, multilingual learning environments.

The software provides variety for children and fun ways to explore the different ways young children can use a computer as a learning tool. 

The software topics covered include: the environment, weather, families, animals and pets, the playground, literature, art and culture, activities, what people do, space, travel and transport, fruit, colours, nature, sport and recreation, feelings and emotions, and homes.

Software licence pricing: R399.00 and R28.50 per workstation for multiple workstation learning environments. Price excludes postage, courier fees or any other shipping-related costs. 
KN-3to5 educational software can be used alone, with the Knowledge Network® Resource Toolkit for Pre-schools or with the Knowledge Network® IT Learning System Progressive Learning Programme.

To order KN-3to5 educational software, complete the Educational Software Order Form and email or fax to Knowledge Network®.

To order the KN-3to5 Resource Toolkit consisting of 46 sessions with projects, complete the Resource Toolkit Order Form and email or fax to Knowledge Network®.

For info on how to implement the Knowledge Network® IT Learning System Progressive Learning Programme in your school, email

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