Educational Software for High Schools to gain and / or improve keyboard skills
KN-Dexterity is a tool for learners to use to gain keyboard skills, to improve keyboard skills, and have fun applying themselves in math, word and pattern recognition games.

The software is easy to use, easy to install and run on standalone PCs or from a network server. It is affordable, and includes self-assessment tools for learners to use to assess their own abilities and progress.


KN-2004h Features 
There are easy to follow menu options (see picture on right).
Dex options give you the opportunity to work with left or right or both hands on the keyboard on different rows or all rows. 
Different dictionaries give learners skills in typing different combinations  and grouping of letters.
Typing games and observation of different symbols on the screen help to equip learners with observation,  editing and proofing skills.
While typing text, you see the keyboard layout on the screen, where to place your hands on the keyboard to start, and which fingers to use for each of the keys. (see picture on right)
Symbols to indicate network activities appear on the screen thereby simulating a computer environment. This develops speed in using the keyboard and mouse on computers as opposed to typewriters where tasks are not interrupted by network, printer or email events. (multitasking)
Math and logic games
Brain Power provides different levels of difficulty and is essentially a game to determine the relationship between numbers. Includes:
pattern matching and shape recognition games, positioning letters and making words.
Dexterity - 1 mental skill or quickness, 2 readiness and grace in physical activity, especially skill and ease in using the hands (Webster's Collegiate Dictionary)

Software licence pricing: R399.00 for the software, R28.50 per workstation for multiple workstation learning environments. Price excludes postage, courier fees or any other shipping-related costs.
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