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Krugersdorp High School celebrates 14 years of success in IT - for educators and learners

Your school is planning a new computer centre. The centre has 40 workstations, 2 servers, access to the Internet and email from each workstation, a printer, a data projector, and an interactive white board. You have been asked to prepare a document containing a proposed layout of the computer centre and the reasons why you think your proposed layout will be the best for learning in the new computer centre.

Your word document and proposed layout done using Microsoft PowerPoint will be viewed on the school’s Intranet.

You have been asked to submit an idea for the launch of the new computer centre. Parents and supporting companies will be invited to the launch. The idea of the launch needs to be supported by a spreadsheet containing the estimated costs of the launch, as well as a schedule of activities for the launch. Your activity schedule will be printed and handed out at the launch.

What is this about, you may ask? What you have just read was the brief for the 2005 Knowledge Network diploma assessment paper for learners in Grade 12.

116 learners from Krugersdorp High School were entered for the assessment and all achieved over 70%, resulting in a 100% pass rate for the educator, Elbie Venter. At Krugersdorp High School entry for the examination is optional. You may think after reading the assessment brief that this type of assessment is strictly for academics and computer boffins. Not true, kids from rural areas with little or no background in computers and a conversational command of English are passing this assessment with ease (70% is the pass mark for this 4-hour assessment.)

Computer boffins are also passing this assessment with ease, some of whom go on to open their own IT companies, and receive awards in recognition of outstanding achievement. The common denominator for these learners is their educator, their school and a unique learning system developed by Jil D Hrdliczka in 1994. The learning system consists of a methodology called ILAMM (Integrated learning and mentoring methodology) and materials that provide progression in learning, accelerated learning and the simultaneous development of creativity, lateral thinking, life, IT and coping skills, and time management and planning skills.

“At Krugersdorp High School, we have been using the integrated learning and mentoring methodology to teach computer literacy since 1996. As a teacher, I have obtained the Knowledge Network diploma, learned to use the methodology to teach, obtained a further diploma in computer literacy for teachers through the University of Johannesburg (previously RAU University) and have been teaching at Krugersdorp High School for 14 years while using the methodology for more that 10 years with great success. Through this I have gained a lot of experience and new ways of teaching the subject.”

“Ten years ago, Krugersdorp High School had a vision to broaden the learners’ view and knowledge of computers and has successfully achieved that goal through the use of the Knowledge Network lessons and methodology.”

“Krugersdorp High School accommodates learners from different areas with different backgrounds and even with only conversational command of English, learners manage to learn and apply knowledge successfully through the method of teaching. Even learners with a good command of computers are able to learn more techniques and applications without getting bored or feeling that they are wasting their time. At Krugersdorp High School this is important as no learner should feel disadvantaged or held back for any reason,” says Elbie.

Success stories are many – firstly, the success story of the educator Elbie Venter, secondly, the principal Henry Harman, thirdly the Knowledge Network support staff, then there’s Thomas, Greg and Gavin…

“Thomas came from a rural school during his Grade 10 year, could barely speak or understand English and had to deal with all of this while trying to improve his academics. Two years of computer literacy was not enough to make it possible for him to complete and pass the Knowledge Network assessment. No problem for Thomas, he returned after hours the following year and successfully completed the assessment.”

Then there is Greg. He went on to start his own IT company and is successfully running this company, which provides services to large corporations.

Then there is Gavin who is another of these wonderful endings (or beginnings) says Elbie Venter. “Gavin was selected to be part of the IT student of the Year in Gauteng and was awarded a Certificate in recognition of his achievements in computer literacy through the years.”

The computer learning environment at Krugersdorp High School is no different from the learning environments in most countries in the world – multicultural, multi-lingual, with an average of 40 learners per class, one computer centre equipped with software used by companies and communities, and learners and educators who want achieve their goals in life.

Congratulations to the staff, educators and learners at Krugersdorp High School for achieving outstanding results. The vision of 1996 is now reality for all educators and learners at the school. What’s next? To maintain the standard and ensure that all the learners currently in the school can achieve what Thomas, Greg and Gavin have achieved, to keep up to date with current government curriculum developments and market requirements.

Perhaps it would be good to re-read the brief of the Knowledge Network assessment that the learners passed so well and ask ourselves if we are ready to handle the Krugersdorp High School learners coming into our business and learning environments.




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