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Caroline jets in from New York USA for the June 2007 ILAMM course

I teach Computer Science at Regis High School in Manhattan, New York. This is a Catholic High School for gifted boys from the ages of 14-18.  We emphasize teaching by doing and a large part of the work the boys do is project–based.

I recently attended an overview of the Knowledge Network ILAMM (Integrated Learning and Mentoring methodology) course in South Africa with Jil Hrdliczka in South Africa.

I found it to be an amazingly good system.  It addresses the problems of varying student paces in learning, self-learning by students, students who only join courses midway and most importantly the integration of computers with all subjects so that computers are seen as a tool for learning and not as a separate subject.

All of these are in keeping with our teaching philosophy at Regis High School. I hope to implement parts of the ILAMM in the Fall.

Knowledge Network prepared Resource Toolkits for Caroline to take back to New York with her. The learners there are in for some fun and great learning.

Caroline took photographs of New York for those using the Knowledge Network IT Learning System Progressive Learning Programme and Resource Toolkits. Learners and educators at schools using the Knowledge Network IT Learning System may download the 800 x 600 versions of the photographs for use in school projects and educator workbooks. Thanks Caroline.

29/04/2007 Stock Exchange Bull

29/04/2007 New York in Spring

29/04/2007 Outside Grand Central Station

17/06/2007 View from the Staten Island ferry





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