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Release date 2008
Published in: African Communications June 2008
Published in: International Business and Investment Guide 2008






Project on China by Amy of St Katharine's School goes to the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing China
The multimedia project on China by Amy, a Grade 07 learner from St Katharine's School South Africa, was chosen for the Knowledge Network advert for the Knowledge Network IT Learning System for Schools. The advert featuring this project has been placed in local and international magazines. The project was submitted by St Katharine's School for the Knowledge Network Multimedia Project 2007.

The magazine in which the advert appears will be distributed at the:

  • G8 Summit in Japan 2008
  • World Economic Forum, Cape Town South Africa 2008
  • China Africa-Summit 2008
  • World Trade Organisation
  • African Cup of Nations (Ghana)
  • 2008 IOC Olympic Games Beijing China
  • and at International Exhibitions
View the advert including the China Project by Amy HTM 175 KB View the MS PowerPoint Project on China by Amy



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