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Ikemeleng Youth Centre, Alexandra, South Africa
A success story for the sponsors, educators and learners
"You can help us to help ourselves"
Eric’s job is to ensure that every student in his class understands how to use a computer as a tool. Eric’s students missed out on the opportunity to learn how to use computers at school and who, after leaving school, found themselves in unknown territory - the digital world - driven by emails, databases, online fill-in forms, presentations, web sites, cell phones as modems and cameras, electronic budgets, documents and electronic communication. Eric’s students are not unique - they are in the same boat as thousands of other kids from around the world. Except that Eric’s students are now equipped with the skills they need.

“I did a learning methodology course with Knowledge Network and what we did was project-based and not skills-based education. I had the privilege to be taught by Jill Hrdliczka, she has been fantastic in her method of tutoring, kind, patient and she loves what she is doing so I had the liberty to ask whenever I did not understand. With this kind of education, I have seen young people in my class grow in confidence and competency. One of my students got a job as an agent for British Airways. And that is only a highlight of what this programme is doing in the lives of the young in Alexandra Township and also in my life,” says Eric. While this may not sound like much, it means a lot to those in Alexandra where life can sometimes be quite difficult.

ILAMM, a learning methodology developed by Jill D Hrdliczka in 1994 for learning involving information technology, makes it easier for students to learn how to use a computer as a tool and how to apply their knowledge. Eric was sent to Knowledge Network by Ikemeleng Youth Centre to be developed as an educator. He has achieved a 100% pass rate from the students in some of his courses, which is a huge achievement for any educator.

I would like to say thank you to Scripture Union Ikemeleng for seeing it fit for me to go and do a course with Knowledge Network and I will like to send my gratitude to the staff at Knowledge Network for their outstanding work and Jill for assisting me on these points:

  • self-awareness
  • improving own learning
  • performance review and evaluation
  • communication
  • and working with others

“I do hope that people of the Republic of South Africa will be motivated by this story and that they too will take their banner and raise it high so that our country can be a better place to live in,” says Eric.

“With extra funding for this programme per year, we can achieve outstanding results and can change both our own lives and the lives of others. You can help us to help ourselves.” Eric, Zandiswa ... and others




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