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Knowledge Network as a home based study program
“What an adventure we have had, and continue to have!

We relocated to Dalton in March 2008 and found that the school that my children were attending did not offer Knowledge Network as a computer program, the computer program on offer was not of the same standard as we had become accustomed to. With the help of Deidre Hulett from Seaforth College in Ballito I was put in touch with Jil Hrdliczka of Knowledge Network in Johannesburg.

A few weeks later, I found myself on an airplane to Johannesburg to attend a 3-day training session. Since having been married this was the first time on a plane by myself, previously I had often taken my husband to the airport as he traveled for business purposes – now it was me! I found myself being challenged beyond my comfort zone and so it has been for me since my association with Knowledge Network.

We quickly had to put a routine in place – Friday afternoons might not sound ideal but it is the only day that there is no sport and no homework and so it became our Knowledge Network computer session. As we are not restricted by a school timetable, we timed our sessions. My daughter was first this week and then my son would be first next week – as both the children are on different levels their lessons would have to be one after the other.

Then the ground rules were put in place – "I am Mrs Hulett from Seaforth College and not your mom!" When the children asked questions I know Mrs Hulett would not answer – I would say “what would Mrs Hulett say to you?”

Preparation became key as some of the sessions held new concepts that I had not yet heard of. The Knowledge Network e-learning extension program is an absolute bonus and the children have learnt so much from these – our Internet connection is not very fast however and so we have not been able to have the full potential of these lessons realised. 

The computer sessions have been eye opening to me and very exciting. The children are excited and challenged during every session. My daughter completed her multimedia presentation on space and then proceeded to do her exam. My son’s level did not yet require a multimedia presentation or exam but the foundation has been laid in his sessions and he is confident in the Microsoft programs. KN6-9 is a highlight and a fun learning session for both my daughter and my son, as well as myself.

I would like to thank Knowledge Network for offering us the opportunity to continue with this excellent program as a home based study group. I can confidently say my children have learnt very valuable techniques that will help them in their future.”

“This is the way of the most wise and useful people-
the more they know, the more they long to know.”




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