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Multimedia Project 2007 for schools using the Knowledge Network IT Learning System
Implementation: Progressive Learning Programme

Primary Schools

Grade 04
SP Level 01 M
without animation
Helderberg, Somerset West
Gorilla Siberian Tiger Monkey 1 Monkey 2
Mammoth Cheetah    
St Katharine's School
Deer Dolphin Giant Panda Hedgehog
Lemur Platypus Squirrel 1 Squirrel 2
Seaforth College
St Peter's Preparatory School
Dolphins Down deep Cartoons  
Pridwin Preparatory School
Leopard Tortoise      
Laerskool Worcester-Oos (English Individual and Team Projects)
Netherlands Norway Australia Tanzania
Lord Milner School      
Platypus 1 Okapi 1 Platypus 2 Platypus 3
Okapi 2 Okapi 3 Wombat  
Cliffview Primary School
Horse Cacomistle Giant Panda  
St Dominic's Boksburg
Dolphin Cheetah 1 Zebra Kudu
Lemur Hippo Polar Bear Red Fox
Weltevreden Park Primary School
Panda Monkey    
Grade 05
with animation
Helderberg, Somerset West
Super Earth Black Hole 1 Black Hole 2 Black Hole 3
St Joseph's RC, Port Elizabeth
Outer Planets Solar System Inner Planets 1 Inner Planets 2
St Katharine's School
Earth Astronauts Black Hole 1 Universe
Black Hole 2 Milky Way Sun  
Seaforth College
Sun Milky Way    
St Peter's Preparatory School (Interactive multimedia presentations)
China Fish France Israel Judaism
Japari School - China      
Laerskool Worcester-Oos (English Individual and Team Projects)
Brazil England Italy Egypt 1
Japan Egypt 2    
Pretoria Preparatory School
Jupiter Mars Saturn Space Travel
St Dominic's Boksburg
Jupiter Mars Mercury Milky Way
Moon Pluto 1 Pluto 2 Saturn 1
Saturn 2 Saturn 3 Space Stars 1
Stars 2 Stars 3 The Solar System The Sun 1
The Sun 2 Uranus 1 Uranus 2  
Weltevreden Park Primary School
Space 1 Space 2 Space 3 Space 4
Space 5      
Grade 06
with animation
Helderberg, Somerset West
Pollution 1 Global Warming 1 Global Warming 2 Pollution  2
Ocean Pollution Deforestization Water Pollution Global Warming 3
Alien Trees Plants    
St Katharine's School
Droughts Famine Pollution Endangered Species
Oil Pollution      
Seaforth College
Antarctica Tsunami 1 Cyclones Table Mountain
Tsunami 2 Global Warming Hurricanes  
Pridwin Preparatory School
Laerskool Worcester-Oos (English Individual and Team Projects)
Italy 1 Italy 2 Kenya Taiwan
Tanzania Tunisia    
Victoria Park Grey      
Global Warming      
St Dominic's Boksburg
Disasters Tigers Water Pollution  
Weltevreden Park Primary School
Environment 1 Environment 2 Environment 3 Environment 4
Environment 5      
Grade 07
with animation
Helderberg, Somerset West
Australia France 1 India Isle of Man
Portugal France 3 Holland Belgium
St Katharine's School
Spain 1 Madrid Poland New York
Amsterdam Venice 1 The Vatican City Jamaica
Italy India Greece Italy 2
Guatemala Amsterdam 1 China Spain 2
Buenos Aires Switzerland Venice 2 Hawaii
Amsterdam 2 Turkey    
Seaforth College
China Madagascar    
St Dominic's Boksburg
Austria Bahrain Brazil 1 Brazil 2
Egypt England 1 England 2 Fiji
France 1 France 2 Germany Iceland
Jamaica Japan 1 Japan 2 Mauritius
Monaco Portugal Spain Tokyo
Weltevreden Park Primary School
Egypt Japan 1 Japan 2 Japan 3
Russia South Africa    
**The Knowledge Network SP Level number (M to 04) has only been entered for those presentations that were submitted with the SP Level number**. Schools should submit the presentations, together with the SP Level number being completed by the learners for 2007.



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